“Their origins dates back to the indigenous animals found in Britain at the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066, and they are considered to be the hardy descendants of the “Red Cattle”, with medium-sized horns, which roamed the Southern Counties at the stage of the Roman Invasion, about 2,000 years ago. Sussex were bred essentially for draught purposes and this fact, perhaps more than any other, accounts for their purity and hardiness. Viewed against the harshness of their native soils – being of the poorest in the country – their response has indeed been crowned with success. More-over, subjected to these fundamentally creative dictates of nature and circumstances, they were destined to develop the inherent qualities of early maturity and unsurpassed weight for age”

– The Sussex Society of South Africa Journal 1959/60

With over 75 years of breeding the Huntersvlei Sussex Stud is steeped in a long history of breeding animals for strong beef characteristics and conformation, performance and adaptability to different climatic environments and good milk and maternal instincts. Being one of the oldest Sussex studs in South Africa, our goal has been to breed beef animals that meet the requirements of stud breeders and commercial beef farmers alike.

With over 75 years of consistent breeding and selection, we can assure you top quality genetics that are reliable and repeatable. We are especially proud of the world class polled genetics that are available from our herd.

Huntersvlei Sussex animals are renowned for their extra width and muscling which provide excellent beef characteristics to meet our customers’ needs.

Strict selection for strong bone structures ensures the strength of our animals and their ability to move easily and function naturally.

Performance testing and recording has taken place in our herd since 1963 and this guarantees meaningful and accurate breeding values.

We breed heifers and cows with exceptional maternal characteristics, sufficient milk, and femininity.

Sussex cattle are renowned for their good temperament and for being a hassle-free breed. This makes them easy to handle and safe to work with. Their good temperament, along with their other characteristics, makes them the ideal breed for new cattle farmers.

The health of our herd is extremely important to us and we test regularly for common diseases. We are proud to maintain a CA & TB free herd. Fertility tests are carried out on all our breeding animals and fertility is guaranteed.

The Huntersvlei Sussex Auction takes place in the first week of August each year.  At our auction we offer 2 – 3 year old bulls ready for breeding purposes, cows and calves, pregnant heifers and commercial female animals. We offer a variety of animals to provide enough choice for all of our customers. All of our animals are bred to meet the needs of stud and commercial farmers.

2019's Auction will be taking place on the 1st of August

Animals are also available for sale off the farm. Please feel free to contact us at any time for any enquiries.

A small feedlot, standing approximately 1500 weaners, is run on Huntersvlei. Quality weaners are sourced from farmers in a radius of 250km from Viljoenskroon. A premium is paid for top quality weaners from farmers with sound management systems and who use Huntersvlei Sussex Bulls. All our beef animals reared in the feedlots are marketed through the Huntersvlei Abattoir.