The delicious and nutritious Nutty-P range of peanut butter and roasted peanut snacks is part of the RE Groundnuts product line. We strive to continuously produce the highest quality peanut butter and roasted peanuts to meet the requirements of all of our customers.

Food safety and quality standards are an integral part of our production process. Our HACCP certification ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards. Although tests for Aflatoxin are done in-house, samples of all products are sent to an independent food safety and quality agent to test for Aflatoxin, pathogens and bacteria. We are currently in the process of upgrading our food safety management system from HACCP to ISO 22000.

The Nutty-P product range currently services a wide variety of markets from local wholesalers and distributors to independent retail shops. We also produce peanut paste which is used in the production of fortified and highly nutritious food products for feeding schemes in Africa. We also package several private labels. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries, and we will be happy to supply product details on request.