At RE Groundnuts we shell and grade Spanish type peanuts for export to Europe and Asia, as well as suppling the local South African market. An integral part of our business is the sourcing of the best quality peanuts from local producers and we pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships with our suppliers.

With an excellent reputation among the farming community, our long lasting relationships with farmers ensure the continuity of supplies from all the important irrigation and dry land production areas at competitive prices. We provide producers with financing for chemicals and seed; our bulk handling and drying facilities give our farmers the advantage of delivering early and in bulk.

All farmers who are interested in supplying our plant are welcome to contact us for enquiries and to sign a contract with us. We look forward to welcoming farmers to supply us with top quality groundnuts.

Our plant maintains a high health standard and adheres to the HACCP food quality and safety system to ensure that all of our peanuts meet the necessary export quality standards. Please feel free to contact with any export related enquiries.