Huntersvlei Farm Fresh Abattoir provides a direct link between farmers, meat processors and retailers. Our abattoir is a high through-put export approved abattoir supplying carcasses that have a reputation for quality and shelf-life. We emphasize traceability, and through efficient service, we form long term relationships with our customers and clients.

We are predominantly a pork abattoir, sourcing pigs from farms within a 250km radius of Viljoenskroon to provide a constant supply of high quality pork throughout the year. Sound working relationships with the farmers ensures that our pork carcasses are of a very high quality and that they meet the standards of all customers. We deliver our carcasses across South Africa and being an export approved abbatoir we are also able to deliver to neighbouring SADC countries.

To meet our customers every need we also slaughter beef and sheep on a regular basis. These animals are sourced from local farmers and close relationships with the farmers ensure the best quality carcasses for our customers.

We supply a range of offal products that are packaged under our Seshebo brand. Our products are a delicious addition to any braai and their high quality ensures that our customers’ are kept happy and that the products meet their expectations. Our price list is available on request.

Huntersvlei Farm Fresh Abattoir is an export approved abattoir with an export permit for SADC countries. We are also approved to export hides and skins. Please do not hesitate to enquire about export opportunities.