The Rhys Evans Group is a diversified agricultural business with a long history in the industry dating back to its roots over 100 years ago. Based in Viljoenskroon, in the Free State Province, in the heart of the South African maize producing area, the company has interests in crop farming, beef production, an export approved abattoir and a groundnut shelling and processing operation. Recognising the importance of transformation in the agricultural sector, we have invested in a black owned piggery operation.

We pride ourselves in striving to achieve excellence in all of our operations to ensure maximum productivity and economic efficiency. On our farms we use the latest farming technology to achieve the highest crop yields through conservation and precision agriculture techniques. In our abattoir and groundnut operations we continuously strive to produce excellent quality products and with the use of strict hygiene management systems we ensure that our clients’ requirements are met and that we are able to build long lasting relationships with them.

The Rhys Evans Group is an agricultural business with its roots steeped in a long family history. The Evans family has been farming near the town of Viljoenskroon in the Free State province of South Africa for over 100 years. Over the last few decades Mr Anthony Evans has grown the business into a diversified farming and agricultural processing enterprise with interests in crop farming, beef production, meat processing and groundnut processing.
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