The Rhys Evans Group manages an extensive mixed crop farming enterprise with the aim of maintaining our position as one of the leading crop farming enterprises in South Africa through the use of modern farming practices and technology.

Our commitment to nature and environmental conservation has become an important part of our crop farming methods. Conservation tillage methods, including no-till, and the introduction of cover crops in our crop rotation system has had a positive impact on our crop production and yields. The build-up of organic material, due to minimal soil disturbance, on our no-till soils has increased the water infiltration rate and subsequently water conservation on these fields. On our minimum tillage farms the gradual build-up of plant organic matter has assisted in improving water conservation on these farms. In addition to water conservation the adoption of no-till techniques has improved the soil health and microbiology on our arable land. The composting of pig and cattle manure has become an integral part of our conservation agriculture approach and it has reduced our reliance on chemical fertilizers. We hope in the future to reduce our reliance on chemical inputs even further.

The transformation of the South African agricultural sector is important for the future of our country, and it is extremely important to us that we are a part of it. The need for investing in, and developing, the future farmers of South Africa is more evident than ever before. At Rhys Evans Group Farming we offer learnership positions and welcome agricultural students to spend their practical year with us. We also have a good working relationship with local agricultural colleges and host student groups on a regular basis. This is an opportunity for agricultural students to get first-hand experience of working on a commercial farm.

Our farms are managed by experienced and technically astute farm managers. As loyalty is one of our company values we believe in investing in our management for a long term working relationship with the business.

We pride ourselves on high work-safety standards, and ensure safe working conditions for all of our employees. Regular training courses in occupational health and safety, technical skills and life skills are conducted by accredited training providers.